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Gift Services

  • Beyond Rest

    125 Edward St, Perth
    Open Mon-Sun 8am-11pm
    Price start at $79 

    Take the stress off your body by floating in what is akin to a zero gravity environment.
    Floatation therapy has been shown to induce a positive mental state, with improved optimism, energy levels, concentration, creativity and learning.
    Improve your well-being in ways you never before imagined. Floatation has enormous benefits for a wide range of health conditions, assists in a variety of preventative health measures and promotes both mental and physical enhancement.

  • Urban Bunches

    Orders close at 12pm for same day delivery
    Flowers start from $29.99

    Locally grown flowers and artisanal gifts crafted by small Aussie businesses – not your typical generic bunch of flowers. Their goal is to have a minimal carbon footprint and to use local flowers that haven’t been drowned in pesticides and chemicals. They only deliver what can be composted, recycled or reused!!!

  • Windward Balloon Adventures

    PO Box 168, Northam, Western Australia
    $350pp Weekends $300pp Weekdays

    Your adveure, starts just before sunrise in the departure lounge at Northam Airfield. Following check in and a hot beverage guests are transferred to the launch site. 
    Once through safety information the balloon is slowly released and drifts into the clouds. Once aloft enjoy the spectacle of seeing the first signs of dawn shed light over the Avon Valley, a glorious patchwork of colours. After an hour of panoramic views, its time to disembark. Breakfast and champagne is supplied at a nearby café, along with a certificate of flight presentation by your pilot.

  • Koko Black

    140 William St, Perth CBD
    Mon-Thur 9:30am-5:30pm Fri 9:30am-10pm Sat 11am-10pm Sun 12pm-5:30pm
    Prices start from $8.90

    Koko Black blend ideas and ingredients with mastery to create unexpected signature chocolate experiences. Born from a balance of principles and values that they hold close, each individual chocolate is meticulously crafted in Melbourne, from the finest natural ingredients.